Save Labour
The Milnor Model MWT27X5 provides multiple ways to save on your labour costs and improve employee efficiency, including : E-P Express®control This median control with 30 programmable formulas provides flexibility and bright display allows the operator to choose from real words, not codes. The standard controller features English/Spanish (other languages optional). The controller also provides diagnostic and error messages which shorten training time of new employees and allows for fewer operator errors Process Times Milnor’s microprocessors and software are fast and reliable allowing for quick processing of programmed formulas. Faster process times mean less time processing linen.

Save on Linen Replacement Costs
The second highest expense of a laundry is the cost of linen. The Milnor MWT27X5 can help you to extend linen life: Safe Chemical Injection System Chemicals are injected in the rear of the machine (Unlike certain brands where chemicals are injected near the front of the machine at eye-level). Chemicals are diluted and flushed into the sump of the washer-extractor so that raw chemical does not come in direct contact with the linen or the stainless steel.

Save Energy
A Milnor MWT27X5 can help to reduce your utility bills with its: Proper Cylinder Design Milnor’s bigger cylinder perforations provide better wash quality by promoting excellent interchange of the goods with water and chemistry, better rinsing by allowing rinse water to freely interact with the goods, and better extraction by allowing water to escape from goods easily and quickly. All components work together to ensure fewer costly rewashes and less drying time.

Frequency Drive System
A simple single-motor inverter drive reaches maximum extraction speed more gradually and efficiently, reducing peak electricity amperage draw compared to multi-speed motor machines.

Save Water
A Milnor MWT27X5 can reduce fresh water consumption with its: Three Simple Fast-Fill Water Valves Simple hot and cold water inlets are used to quickly fill the washer without fill level overshoot. A third water inlet is used to thoroughly dilute chemicals so that raw chemical does not directly contact and damage linens.

Proper Cylinder Design
Perforation pattern and perforated ribs allow for rapid exchange of water with the goods, efficiently utilising the water.

Save Money (Total Cost of Ownership)
There are many features designed into an MWT27X5 washer-extractor to reduce your total cost of ownership, saving you money for years after your initial investment. Value-Priced Low initial capital ownership coupled with proven Milnor engineering makes the MWT27X5 an excellent choice for your laundry. Long Machine Life Milnor machines typically last longer because of their reputable ruggedness, ingenious design, and dependable quality.

Tapered roller bearings have a large contact area – spreading force and contributing to long life. Front and rear bearings are fixed in the same housing, preventing damaging misalignment. Also, a pressed-on basket means it does not need to be replaced when a bearing change becomes necessary. Milnor’s bearing design is long proven while other companies keep experimenting.

L10 Life
Every Milnor design model is tested for a minimum of 1,000 consecutive hours in a high-extract, out-of-balance state, ensuring your machine is tough and will stand up to years of use.