Now available on V-SeriesMWF-Series48040 F7Z, and 48040 F7D and washer-extractors 18.14 kg – 124.74 kg (40 lb.- 275 lb.), Milnor’s rigid mounted laundry washer-extractors with MilTouch™ control combine robust construction with energy savings thanks to RinSave® water saver. This intuitive control features an informative touchscreen display that allows you to select and/or modify pre-programmed formulas and information, based on your specific needs. The graphics run screen gives you unrivaled control and insight into your wash. The control’s USB port is there for you to transfer or back up formulas, saving your laundry business time.

Milnor’s MilTouch™ control has real intelligence and understanding in its simplicity and effectiveness.

Test drive the MilTouch™ control for yourself. Download the PC programmer below.

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