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The M460 can dry up to four loads per hour of terry towels*. With a 175 cu. ft. basket, 2.8 million Btu/hr, and 13,000 cfm, this dryer will show immediate returns through added productivity. The M460 is an ideal match for batch, conventional, and overhead sling conveyor operations. This dryer offers the highest possible level of flexibility, fast drying, and safety. This model has important features such as sprinkler systems, computer controls, rotational sensor and lint collection systems, as standard equipment. Superior controls enhance productivity. The controls are composed of two (2) basic sections: the drying controls and the load/unload controls. The drying controls use an industrial, reliable and easy-to-program microprocessor. The controller uses self-diagnostics to ensure proper operations and signal operator of an error condition. The control can quickly inform the operator about functions such as load/unload positioning and spin/dwell times. Six of the most commonly-used cycles can be entered in either the manual timed mode or an automatic, percentage dryness mode. The microprocessor is capable of retaining up to 105 preprogrammed cycles. The load/unload tilt functions are handled by a front pendant and rear panel controls. They enable the operator to load or unload the dryer from the front or rear safely and easily. All computer and electrical wiring is arranged within the main control module for easy access. The M460 control has an “anti-wrinkle” feature already programmed into each cycle. With “anti-wrinkle,” the dryer is programmed to tumble without heat should the attendant not be aware that the cycle is finished. As a result, the load is finished without wrinkles, and the possibility of spontaneous combustion is greatly reduced. *Test results may vary by location. Designed for durability. The dryer’s capacity is assured by the 175 cu. ft. basket, which is stabilized front to back by eight retaining wheels. The M460 standard basket is stainless steel and features heavy-gauge basket rings. Four drive wheels – mounted on two-inch steel shafts, rotate the basket, with a 7.5 horsepower, totally enclosed motor. Full insulation of basket module, both sets of doors, control panels, burner chamber and exhaust duct (another standard feature) ensures maximum heat efficiency, low noise levels, and enhanced working conditions. The M460 gas burner delivers an efficient 2.8 million Btu/hr. The system achieves a 50% rate of hot air reclamation, drastically reducing energy costs. The M460 steam-heated dryer uses an exclusive air-operated steam damper system. The coil is constantly charged with steam and protected against buildup with its own lint screen. Recirculation is standard on the M460, assuring maximum heat utilization. Built for easy maintenance. Two large lint drawers slide out from under the basket and allow fast lint removal. Each contains a large capacity stainless steel lint screen for maximum collection prior to the blower fan. The screens can be cleaned quickly without hindering production. The dryer also uses an automatic compressed air fan cleaning system. At the end of each cycle, a powerful blast of compressed air removes particles that might collect and throw the fan out of balance or reduce airflow through the dryer and cause inefficiency or safety issues.