The features you need.
The M310 comes with a variety of standard features that increase productivity and enhance ease-of-use. For example:

• Advanced microprocessor accurately controls dryer function with easy, push-button commands
• High-powered, efficient heat sources (see below for more information)
• Reliable roller-driven basket
• Durable 14-Gauge stainless steel basket
• Extra large blower motor for fast drying
• Large-capacity, easy-to-clean front lint basket
• Electrostatic powder-paint finish is applied inside-and-out and baked-on at 215.5 °C for long life. (Most dryers are assembled and then painted only on the outside)
• Fire Suppression System (FSS)
• Can be integrated with an automatic conveyor system
• Reversing feature helps prevent wrinkling
• Cabinet and access panels are fully insulated to reduce environmental noise and heat
• Rotational sensor adds an extra element of safety
• Hinged front panel for maintenance ease

Gas models use a microprocessor-controlled, instantaneous spark ignition system coupled with twin atmospheric burners. This system generates 1,125,000 Btu per hour heat input. Coupled with a large blower motor, the gas model delivers fast, efficient drying. Steam model dryers use a steam damper system, which allows the coil to stay constantly charged, eliminating repeated expansion and contraction. When the damper is opened, the air immediately passes through the already hot coil, providing instant heat to start the drying process.When the damper is closed, ambient air is drawn directly into the basket, allowing a rapid cool down. This system eliminates troublesome steam valves. Advanced control for top results. An exclusive microprocessor is the most simple and efficient control. To start the machine, the operator merely selects one of six letters (A through F) and the dryer immediately begins a preprogrammed cycle which has been pre-chosen by the laundry manager. The microprocessor is capable of retaining up to forty-seven preprogrammed cycles. An autocycle allows the dryer to automatically stop when goods are dry. “Anti-wrinkle” allows the dryer to cycle in a cool down mode after the cycle has finished. With “anti-wrinkle” the dryer can be programmed to tumble without heat. This feature can automatically reduce wrinkling and significantly reduce the risk of spontaneous combustion. Reliable drive system. Four eleven-inch diameter wheels support the stainless steel basket. These wheels protect the drive bearing by keeping it out of the heat stream. Tilting and door options. The M310 can assist loading unloading through one and two-way tilting options, as well as either single front door or front- and rear-door options (pass-through). Doors can be ordered as manually-operated or automatic, air-operated. The controls can be integrated with automatic load and unload conveyor systems. This flexibility makes the M310 a suitable dryer for a variety of laundries. Easy to service. All major electrical and pneumatic components are conveniently located for ease of connection and maintenance. Electrical panel doors use keyed locks for safety. Hinged front and side panels enhance serviceability.

Other features…

Available options are:
• Poly-coated basket to prevent plastics from sticking to the drum.
• Outside air adapter (on non-tilt models only). Should outside air be a requirement, the outside air adapter brings fresh make-up air from the outdoors directly to the dryer.