90.72 kg (200-lb) Capacity OPL Dryer

Standard Features:
• 90.72 kg (200-lb) capacity
• 61.20 cu. ft. volume
• 590,000 Btu/hr heat input and 4,200 cfm
• Radial airflow
• Easy to load vertical steel doors
• Self-diagnostic microprocessor with patented auto drying feature
• Easy access to lint compartment
• Available in gas and steam heat
• Reversing basket
• Four-Point Roller Support and Drive System
• Stainless Steel Basket with removable panels

Optional Features:
• Stainless steel front and cabinet
• F.S.S. (Fire Suppression System)

Why Purchase Milnor M202?
Engineer-driven design That is built to last our dryers showcases an engineer-driven approach to design. Bearings are constantly lubricated on the motor and drive system. There are no chains used; rather, we use V-belts and pulleys for smooth, quiet, and trouble-free operation. Our dryer cabinets are electrostatically powder-painted inside and out then baked at 215.5 degree Celsius (420-degrees Fahrenheit) before final assembly, ensuring the hardest surface and the longest lasting finish in the industry. Rugged steel vertical Doors with Heavy-Duty Pulley System Our heavy-duty steel door design provides ease of use for loading and unloading utilizing a counter balanced pulley system to ensure simple open and close operation. A gasket-less door glass panel provides security and durability versus rubber type gaskets. Easy-to-Read, multilingual controls Milnor continues to apply innovative technology to dryer operation. Our state of the art microprocessor with autodry capabilities, easy-to-read LED screens and our user friendly multilingual interface positions Milnor as a leader in the laundry industry worldwide.