54.43 kg (120-lb) Capacity OPL Dryer

Standard Features:
• 54.43 kg (120-lb) capacity
• 38.10 cu. ft. volume
• 375,000 Btu/hr heat input and 2,150 cfm
• Radial airflow
• Steel door with gasketless glass
• I4” Diameter vent connection
• Front serviceable
• Available in gas, steam, and electric heat
• Reversing Basket

Optional Features:
• Stainless steel front, cabinet & basket
• F.S.S. (Fire Suppression System)

Why Purchase Milnor M130?
Engineer-driven design that is built to last our dryers showcases an engineer-driven approach to design. Bearings are constantly lubricated on the motor and drive system. There are no chains used; rather, we use V-belts and pulleys for smooth, quiet, and trouble-free operation. Our dryer cabinets are electrostatically powder-painted inside and out then baked at 215.5 degrees Celsius, (420-degrees Fahrenheit) before final assembly – ensuring the hardest surface and the longest lasting finish in the industry. Component accessibility The M130 is a single pocket dryer that offers 98% component accessibility from the front of the tumbler. This feature allows the dryer to be placed against the wall without concern for regular rear maintenance. The M130 has a large lightweight lint drawer that is accessible and easy to clean only requiring cleaning once a day. It’s fine, stainless steel lint screen is standard. Rugged steel door with gasketless door glass our dryer doors is one solid piece of steel with gasketless glass. This eliminates the issue of glass falling out due to wear and tear on rubber gaskets that some manufacturers use to secure their glass. The security and durability that gasketless glass provides are essential to longevity. Easy-to-Read, multilingual controls our dryers were one of the first computers operated dryers on the market and we continue to apply innovative technology to dryer operation. Our accessible design, easy-to-read LED screens, and our user-friendly multilingual interface positions Milnor as a leader in the laundry industry.