22.68 kg (50-lb) Capacity OPL Dryer Standard Features:

• Variable drum speed
• Pre-heat system
• Trans-axial airflow
• Fully insulated cabinet
• Double-pane door glass
• Fire extinguishing system
• Easy-clean lint screen technology
• Direct spark ignition
• Two-point roller support
• Intuitive micro controls with auto-dry system
• Single-phase reversing basket
• Stainless steel basket and fronts
• Simplified inverter drive system
• Fits through standard 36″ door
• Available in gas, electric & steam

Optional Feature:
• Automatic airflow compensator
Optional automatic airflow compensator adjusts exhaust fan speed which improves exhaust flow with increased back pressure caused by installation issues. This exclusive patented technology adjusts fan speed and enhances dryer performance. Measurements are calculated in real-time, on an ongoing basis to optimise dry-times and efficiency.

Why Purchase M-50p Performance?

The achievement: Through pioneering design, the Premier Series dryers achieve higher performance, industry-leading efficiency, shorter dry times and safer, more reliable operation. What an owner wants, an owner gets: saving money on utilities, payroll, and maintenance. Anyone can say their dryers have the best performance. The p-Series dryers have the features to prove it. Reliability Demanding owners require more than just outstanding performance for their toughest laundry environments. To accommodate owners, we designed the p-Series with years of reliable operation as an absolute design necessity. A sturdy steel-welded cabinet, fewer moving parts, and top-quality components are the foundation of the line. Costly repairs and unwanted downtime are now a thing of the past. Intuitive, smart micro controls are easy-to-use and 100% customizable. Intuitive micro controls are intelligent, simple-to-use control systems that provide one-touch program selection. By creating a fully integrated drying system, Milnor utilises intuitive, smart micro controls to control all aspects of the drying process to minimise user error and maximize drying speed and efficiency.