E-P Plus®

E-P Plus® is our fully equipped control system with thirty pre-programmed formulas (including ten options for eight different industries) and allows the operator advanced flexibility. The E-P Plus operator can manually create or update any formulas on the control to meet the laundries requirements. The control also features universal temperature control, programmed cool down and bath soak and an overnight soak. The two-line display notifies the operator of key benchmarks (wash step, time remaining, etc), which increases laundry wash productivity and reduces downtime.

E-P Plus® control is available on MWR12J5MWT16J5MWT18J6, MWT27J530015VRJ30022VRJMWF27J8MWF45J8MWF63J7, MWF77J748040 F7B, and 48040F7J.