Washer Extractor Controls

MilTouch-EX™ touchscreen control uses resistive touch screen technology and full Video Graphics Array (VGA) resolution. The simple, concise and informative display shows current machine status info including total formula time and time passed. With complete programming flexibility, MilTouch-EX™ touch screen control formulas can be developed on a PC, saved to USB stick and uploaded with a screen touch. The control has intuitive fault diagnosis and relevant troubleshooting suggestions, which streamlines employee training and prevents user guesswork and room for human error. The MilTouch-EX™ control can be interfaced with specialised options such as metered water and integrated reuse tanks.

MilTouch-EX™ control is available on 30022 X8R36026 X8R42026 X7R42032 X7R48040 H7R48040 M7K42044 WR242044 SR260044 SR260044 WR272044 WR272044 SR268036 M5K, and 72046 M5K.