Washer Extractor Controls

Wash formula management from simple to complex.

This straightforward, practical control features four pre-programmed wash formulas (based on soil type) that are clearly identified by graphics for easy selection. The simple push buttons activate the corresponding formula. Operators can see when the final step has been initiated when the indicator light is illuminated. This notification increases productivity, with less downtime between laundry wash cycles.

E-P One Touch® control is available on MWT12E5MWR16T5MWT18E4, and MWT27E5.

This central control is appointed with thirty pre-programmed formulas that provide simple adaptability in use for various washing circuits. The bright, concise display allows the operator to choose from real words, not codes. The control features English as standard (other languages optional) and diagnostic/error messages help shorten training time of new laundry employees and allow for fewer operating errors.

E-P Express® control is available on MWR12X5MWT16X530015 T6XMWT18X430022 T6X, and MWT27X5.

E-P Plus® is our fully equipped control system with thirty pre-programmed formulas (including ten options for eight different industries) and allows the operator advanced flexibility. The E-P Plus operator can manually create or update any formulas on the control to meet the laundries requirements. The control also features universal temperature control, programmed cool down and bath soak and an overnight soak. The two-line display notifies the operator of key benchmarks (wash step, time remaining, etc), which increases laundry wash productivity and reduces downtime.

E-P Plus® control is available on MWR12J5MWT16J5MWT18J6, MWT27J530015VRJ30022VRJMWF27J8MWF45J8MWF63J7, MWF77J748040 F7B, and 48040F7J.

Now available on V-SeriesMWF-Series48040 F7Z, and 48040 F7D and washer-extractors 18.14 kg – 124.74 kg (40 lb.- 275 lb.), Milnor’s rigid mounted laundry washer-extractors with MilTouch™ control combine robust construction with energy savings thanks to RinSave® water saver. This intuitive control features an informative touchscreen display that allows you to select and/or modify pre-programmed formulas and information, based on your specific needs. The graphics run screen gives you unrivaled control and insight into your wash. The control’s USB port is there for you to transfer or back up formulas, saving your laundry business time.

Milnor’s MilTouch™ control has real intelligence and understanding in its simplicity and effectiveness.

Test drive the MilTouch™ control for yourself. Download the PC programmer below.

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MilTouch-EX™ touchscreen control uses resistive touch screen technology and full Video Graphics Array (VGA) resolution. The simple, concise and informative display shows current machine status info including total formula time and time passed. With complete programming flexibility, MilTouch-EX™ touch screen control formulas can be developed on a PC, saved to USB stick and uploaded with a screen touch. The control has intuitive fault diagnosis and relevant troubleshooting suggestions, which streamlines employee training and prevents user guesswork and room for human error. The MilTouch-EX™ control can be interfaced with specialised options such as metered water and integrated reuse tanks.

MilTouch-EX™ control is available on 30022 X8R36026 X8R42026 X7R42032 X7R48040 H7R48040 M7K42044 WR242044 SR260044 SR260044 WR272044 WR272044 SR268036 M5K, and 72046 M5K.