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WeCoTec is a newly established brand founded in March 2018 by Rob and Ross Weir of HJ Weir. The Weir businesses and particularly the HJ Weir brand is a fourth generation family business since Ross’ great grandmother’s laundry was in need of some automation. Ross’ grandfather saw staff in his mother’s laundry struggle on a day-to-day basis with the hand feeding, folding and stacking of laundered flatwork. Henry John Weir (HJW) went on to invent automation of this process which had a major impact on industrial laundries in the 1960’s and 1970’s by introducing the concepts and design for globally recognised products such as the Tru-Feed, the 1234 feeder, Compact Series folders, Stac-n-Fold and Foldmaker products. Rob and Ross Weir, father and son have a combined 61 years in the laundry industry. This new company is founded on unrivalled experience and excellence across laundry businesses.

WeCoTec offers a complete range of Washers and Dryers for all your laundry requirements.

WeCoTec have teamed up with MILNOR, USA to supply high quality, durable and easy to use laundry machines.

MILNOR have been producing washing and drying solutions for over 70 years, Globally this brand is regarded as the “Benchmark” in the laundry industry. 

We are able to offer a solution for all industries including, Industrial and commercial laundries, dry cleaners, hospitals, care homes, cruise ships, hotels/lodging, education, sports facilities and many more.

Ross’ grandfather was a keen inventor and focused a lot of the business in the 1960’s and 1970’s on research and development, creating much needed automated machines for workers struggling in large industrial laundries.

One of the first machines Henry John Weir invented can be seen below namely the Economatic Washroom Automation.

Ross Weir Managing Director of WeCoTec said that the family of brands has gone full cycle, coming back to washers and dryers with WeCoTec in 2018.

“Across all Weir brands, we are now able to offer the excellent and complete range for all of your industrial and (now with WeCoTec) commercial laundry needs.” States Ross Weir Managing Director of HJ Weir

WeCoTec “Part of Something Bigger”


Photo reference: Henry John Weir founder of HJ Weir and pioneer and originator of Flatwork handling technology. Showing his Economatic washroom automation with automatic dry powder application in 1957.